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Single Parent Scholarships

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Single parents are finding it harder and harder in today’s economical hardship to afford paying all their bills. Some may work a full time job and others have to work multiple jobs just to take care of their children leaving no time for them to be a parent. The good thing is that many single parents have realized that in order to provide a better life for their children they need to further their education; they also worry about where the money is going to come from. Single parent scholarships are available for parents that want to go back to school but cannot afford to do so.

Can the School I am Attending Help in Finding Scholarships that Meet My Needs?

Often times when searching the Internet for single parent scholarships there will be many pop-up ads or links that offer thousands of dollars in free money; most of these are not legitimate and have caused many single parents to fall victim to these scams. There are many legitimate single parent scholarships available. It is just a matter of finding them. This can be very time consuming and with the already hectic lifestyle of a single parent it may not be feasible to spend hours searching. By narrowing down your choice of schools that you wish to attend the best place and first place to start looking is by contacting these schools to see what kind of single parent scholarships they provide if any.

Finding Reputable Scholarship Organizations

If you have been searching for single parent scholarships through the schools you are interested in attending and have been unsuccessful, there are many
national scholarship programs that can help give you the funding you need.

“Raise the Nation”

“Raise the Nation” is a program that offers single parent scholarships to single mothers and their college aged children. They offer many different options such as continuing education scholarships, loan repayment grants, and scholarships for children who have been raised by their mother. The only fee required is a $20 free for processing the student’s application.

Women’s Opportunity Awards and The Jeannette Rankin Foundation

Another national scholarship program is “Women’s Opportunity Awards.” This program is sponsored by and must be submitted through the State, City, or Region in which you live. They accept applications between July 1st and December 1st each year. “The Jeannette Rankin Foundation” is another program that provides single parent scholarships to single mothers ages 35 and older. The applicant must currently be enrolled in an accredited college program and must show financial need hence showing they are in the low-income bracket.

The Assistance League

“The Assistance League” is a foundation that offers several single parent scholarships to deserving applicants every year. This foundation provides a vast database of programs that are community based that help provide financial assistance for single parents to return to school.

Searching for these scholarship programs is easy. Once you are on the database all you need to do is look for the state you live in and all scholarships offered by your state will show up in red. This makes finding single parent scholarships easily and much more quickly than doing a Google search and sifting through pages of scholarships that may not be legitimate. The search for single parent scholarships will become tiresome and can take up a lot of time. In the end, all the time you have put in to finding the right scholarships will pay off when you have your college diploma in your hand.

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